G4 Guitar Croydon runs guitar lessons for beginner and intermediate guitarists of all ages, using the G4 Guitar Method, a structured system of learning which teaches students the '7 Essential Skills' they will need to play their favourite songs, faster.


Originally developed over 30+ years by David Hart in Australia, the method is now updated routinely by a worldwide network of G4 Guitar School teachers, ensuring it is always up to date and relevant to students who are committed to becoming confident, successful guitar players.  There are three programmes: Young Beginners, designed specifically for children aged 4-6, Juniors, which is ideal for 7-11 year olds and Seniors, designed for teenagers and adults.


G4 Guitar Croydon teachers Mike, Jimmy and Vicki are all trained in delivering the method and are on hand throughout the learning process to help students stay focussed and motivated.  Students receive support outside of lessons, including guidance on what and how to practice, and are given opportunities to learn songs and perform at regular local events, such as the CroCro Land festival, enabling them to gain valuable 'real world' experience.