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Croydon Guitar Tuition runs guitar lessons, jam classes, workshops and performance opportunities for guitarists of all ages.  Our mission is to inspire students to develop a life-long love of musical learning, while fostering a creative, collaborative and supportive environment.


Founded by Vicki Workman back in 2011, CGT has evolved into a community of like-minded musicians, all committed to reaching the next level with their playing.  Whether that is learning their favourite songs, taking graded exams, jamming with others or even forming bands, the teachers are passionate about helping them get there.  With regular performance events, alongside classes in a variety of musical genres and support outside of lessons, Croydon Guitar Tuition aims to provide much more than just standard 'guitar lessons'.


Croydon Guitar Tuition are excited to be involved in the Cro Cro Land festival and you will be able to see some of their students performing on the Acoustic Stage.

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