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Lilith Ai is a singer-songwriter guitarist, who writes and performs poignant tales of modern life exploring turbulent emotions in a humble and engaging way.

Hailing from nowhere special, Lilith began releasing lo-fi bedroom recordings in 2016. Her first EP RIOT is full of underground anthems popular with Riot grrrls worldwide. Her second EP Native Tongue chronicles her teen years, spent living on the streets of Queens New York. In 2019 came the release of 3rd EP Bare Radical.

2021 brought the DIY album release of ‘Folk You Hard’ featuring the singles ‘Black Cherry’ ‘Bloodlines’ and ‘IRL’

Bringing together elements of bedroom pop, anti-folk and indie rock, Lilith AI’s sound combines lo-fi soundscapes with deeply personal introspective lyrics. Having honed her craft over the years, Lilith Ai has proved she is an artist only going from strength to strength.

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